13 km round trip
657mElevation Gain (m)
The trek to Blind Bay Lookout entails an arduous climb but presents spectacular views of Shuswap Lake’s Blind Bay.

The climb to Blind Bay Lookout is worthy of your efforts, as this sensational view of Blind Bay will confirm.

Excerpt From: Gerry Shea. “Popular Day Hikes 3.” iBooks.

A few minutes up the trail (about 350 m) brings you to the junction of Lower North Trail and Lower South Trail. Both routes ultimately meet up very quickly, but Lower South Trail is slightly shorter. When the paths meet again, they will place you on Ridge Trail. The grade increases for about five minutes.

At this point, you are following the markers to White Lake – there are no signs yet directing you to Blind Bay Lookout.

Soon you will come across a very brief, 81 m diversion around Giant Tree Loop. If you choose to do this little side-jaunt, it obviously won’t take long.

A few minutes up the trail brings you to a main intersection. Choosing to go right will place you on Upper South Trail, sending you to White Lake, while choosing to go left will put you on course to Blind Bay Lookout on Upper North Trail. Choose to go left. You have travelled 1.4 km, with 5.1 remaining.

About 750 m of walking through this pleasant forest presents a junction with a multi-purpose road. Turn left, leaving you 4.35 km to Blind Bay Lookout.

This wide, grassy road lends a bit of a break before the upcoming uphill workout almost 2 km up the trail, so enjoy it while you can. During this 2 km flat walk, there are at least three markers identifying roadways into private property. The markers will guide you away from these side roads, keeping you on the appropriate route to Blind Bay Lookout. Please stay off of private property.

With 2.4 km remaining, a marker will direct you sharply to the left, sending you up a steep, sloped road.

Some 900 m, or about 20–25 minutes, later the trail plateaus as it approaches another sign, this one informing you there is 1.5 km remaining. This same sign also apprises you of a viewpoint to the left side of the road. However, this is not the summit of the climb and certainly is not Blind Bay Lookout.

Two hundred metres farther up the road, another sign will send you off the main road onto a single-track trail, with 1.3 km remaining. Most of this track consists of upward switchbacks, culminating on a wondrous bluff that presents an astonishing panorama of Shuswap Lake’s Blind Bay. Without a doubt, this reward is worthy of your efforts.

Return the same way.


From the Trans-Canada Highway about 25 km west of downtown Salmon Arm, turn right onto Balmoral Rd. and drive 1.6 km to the Balmoral Trails parking lot.

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Gerry Shea

Gerry Shea

Gerry Shea lives in Kamloops with his wife and children and he is also the author of The Aspiring Hiker’s Guide 2: Mountain Treks in British Columbia.

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