Kimberley Nature Park – Sunflower Hill
1 km
VariableElevation Gain (m)
The Friends of the Kimberley Nature Park Society produced a good map of the Kimberley trails, available in several stores in town. Further information about the trails is available on the society’s website,

Volunteers plan and maintain the network of hiking and biking trails on the slopes of North Star Mountain. A series of old roads, single tracks and double-track trails braid through the mixed forest, grasslands and by several tiny ponds on the southwest side of Kimberley.

The trail network spans between the Kimberley Alpine Resort to the north and St. Mary’s Lake Road to the south. The trails include the Kimberley Cross-country Ski Trails, Dipper Lake, the forests west of the Blarchmont area of Kimberley, and Sunflower Hill.

The trails are diverse and well-maintained for hiking and snowshoeing. Most are good for mountain biking.

From St. Mary Lake Road parking, hike up the sloping dirt road northeast to a grand view of the Rockies to the east and Bootleg Mountain to the west. Another trailhead to Sunflower Hill is directly across the road from the Kimberley campground on St. Mary Lake Road. Hike the trail uphill (north) from the campground and connect with a T junction. Turn right at the T and in 500 m reach the bottom of a large grassy slope: Sunflower Hill. Lupines and yellow balsamroot sunflowers cover the hillsides in May and early June.

A trail heading west joins the top of the Sunflower Hill trail and connects with other trails in the Kimberley Nature Park, where you can complete a 6-km loop hike.

Another trailhead to the Kimberley Nature Park: Eimer Pond
In Kimberley on Highway 95A, in the Blarchmont area, turn west on Higgins Street, drive a couple of blocks and park at the end of the road. This gives access to the shady Douglas fir forests and short 1- or 2-km signed walks to Eimer Pond.


Road: any vehicle

From Highway 95A, about 500 m north of Marysville, turn west onto St. Mary Lake Road.

St. Mary Lake Road
0 km: Junction of Highway 95A and St. Mary Lake Road.

2 km: Sunflower Hill – Kimberley Nature Park. Park at the small dirt road on the right (north) at the base of the grassy slope.

2.5 km: Kimberley Campground. Parking for slightly longer hike, but better parking spot.

Hike Map
Janice Strong

Janice Strong

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