4 km loop around an 8 km trail system
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An abundance of criss-crossing trails characterizes the Little Mountain Park trail system. There are several different combinations of routes, but this one provides a lengthy outer excursion with an astonishing view of Shuswap Lake’s Salmon Arm Bay, seen from the minor summit of Little Mountain.

Shuswap Lake seen from Little Mountain.

At the trailhead, take the right-hand branch of the first fork, and one minute later take the right-hand fork again.

Five minutes past this second junction, turn left to follow Larch Loop Trail for only a short distance before taking an immediate left onto Pine Trail. This short diversion takes you into a beautiful forest of larch and pine. These trails are marked with ample signage.

A short minute or so on Pine Trail leads you to Little Mountain Trail. A clearly displayed sign identifies the route, sending you to the right. The sign also confirms that you are heading toward the summit.

Five minutes of moderate climbing brings you to a minor, yet important, fork. Stay to the right, avoiding the SIDEHILL TRAIL TO 10TH AVE SE sign on the left. Sidehill Trail will deprive you of the spectacular views that are the main reason for this trek. Within a minute of walking up Little Mountain Trail, you reach the summit. A stunning panoramic view of Salmon Arm Bay is behind you as you reach the high point of this little mountain. A bench and picnic table accompany a communications tower at the top.

Continue past the tower to pick up the trail at the far end of the summit plateau, where it begins to descend.

In just a few minutes of walking downhill, you approach a couple of large water tanks on the opposite side of a wide gravel road. Turn right onto this road.

A gentle five-minute stroll down this road delivers you to the 10th Ave. parking lot.

Regain the trail as it leaves the parking lot and enters the forest, and follow the narrow trail for about 4–5 minutes, obeying all signs that maintain your course on Outer Loop. Some of these signs are high up on trees, so when you’re looking for them at intersections, look upward.

A fenced-in residence and a large field soon dominate the right side of the path for a hundred metres or so before you enter the forest again.

Once you are back in the forest, the Outer Loop will keep you turning, because within the next 10 minutes you will meet approximately five forks in the trail. Monitor the signs on the trees and maintain your course on the Outer Loop Trail.

Enjoy these twists through the forest, as you will return to the starting point within 20 minutes from the farmer’s field.


From downtown Salmon Arm, travel east on the Trans-Canada Highway, up the hill to 30th St. NE. Turn right and drive down 30th St. NE for 800 m and turn left on Okanagan Ave. The parking lot is at the end of the road, about 500 m away.

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Gerry Shea

Gerry Shea

Gerry Shea lives in Kamloops with his wife and children and he is also the author of The Aspiring Hiker’s Guide 2: Mountain Treks in British Columbia.

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